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This forum exists to share information for the Alfa Leisure diesel pusher motorhome (Alfa Gold, Alfa SeeYa and the Alfa Founder). If you have suggestions, custom changes you have made, technical questions, complaints or anything relating to owning or considerations of owning an Alfa See Ya you are in the right place. Join the group to see all the content. And remember that *you must respond to a verification email before you will be approved for membership* ! Look for that message at the email address you used to subscribe (maybe look in the SPAM folder if you don't see it). *Note:* This group is financially supported equally by the *Alfa Owners Club* (AOC) Oversight Committee and the *AlfaSeeYas* (a chapter of the Family Motor Coaching Association - FMCA). We thank them for their support and encourage all members of this group to join one or more chapters of the AOC and the AlfaSeeYas. Their strength is our strength!  Click on this link for information on AOC chapters and the AlfaSeeYas ( ) (the AlfaSeeYas web site contains links to the AOC chapters; please visit them and join one or more). *A few RULES:* To make this discussion group pleasurable for all, please adhere to the following rules: * Be Respectful and Respectable. * Post only content of interest to Alfa See Ya! owners. * Provide at least your first name and coach year & model if you have a coach (build number is also useful) * DO NOT discuss Religion, Politics, or Lifestyles, that includes avoiding such content in your signature. * DO NOT send Jokes, Chain Letters, or SPAM to the group. * You MUST be a member to see the message archive, the Files area and the Photos * And PLEASE use a meaningful and accurate Subject for your messages; that includes changing the Subject when you reply to an existing message and change the content to a new topic! Please keep the discussion polite and civilized. No bashing or name-calling. Bad behavior will result in moderation at the discretion of the Owners & Moderators. Although there is no specific prohibition against price discussions, we suggest that such dialogue be taken off-line and kept private. Not only do most readers have little interest in such discussions, that level of detail should be considered private.
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  • Mercedes Benz 926 Powered Freightliner Chassis
    This subgroup exists for the exchange of information on the Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) XC-R chassis powered by the Mercedes Benz 926 engine. FCCC built these chassis's during the 2007 model year, powering them with the MBE 926 (EPA04 )EGR engine. FCCC states that 916 RV chassis were built at Gaffney SC. 277 RV chassis are part of a recall by Detroit Diesel. The subgroup should be *restricted to discussion of the MB engine and chassis components specific to this engine*. Coach details should be covered elsewhere. Note also that *this subgroup is open to anyone interested in the MBE chassis* and is not limited to Alfa owners.
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